More ATCs… They’re keeping my ass off the streets!

Been busy making these little thingies. I’m pretty much obsessed, except I have taken time out to work on an altered box for my friend Penny. It’s a mermaid theme, with a cool focal image of “La Sirena” from the Loteria fabric by Alexander Henry. In fact, most of the Day of the Dead fabric I have is by AH, too. Here are some pictures of two more ATCs for the Dia de los Muertos swap that I’m doing with Swap-bot.

El Alma Sola  ******** Dos Almas

Egad. My photography sucks big time. These things are actually a very precise size, but you’d never know it by the camera angles that I manage to get. Even though my camera has an “anti-shake” feature, I think I must just drink a “LITTLE” too much coffee to have a steady hand. Perhaps I’d better rig a little setup just for ATCs with a stand, some decent light and maybe use my tripod.

Flat Temari

These are from a swap called “Thread Embellished“, in which I did my hardest to adapt a temari design to a flat surface. I think they turned out nice, but I think I like the temari balls better. Much more fun to make.

Smashed Temari

2-D Temari

I am scaring myself a little, cause I’m making these things all the time and not working on things I should be doing. I have three quilts to finish in the next 3 weeks, plus a bunch of other stuff. My quilt guild is having its annual quilt show, and I would like to have at least one quilt hanging. Guess it’s no big deal if I don’t.

This is from a swap themed “Rainforest“. It’s machine embroidered and beaded. I sure hope whoever gets these appreciates all of the work.Maidenhair Fern with Raindrops


2 responses to “More ATCs… They’re keeping my ass off the streets!

  1. the day of the dead ones are my faves!

  2. Thank you, Sarah 🙂

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