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Do I really want to be a Apiculturist?

The absence of Honey Bees and Bumble Bees this summer has really made my backyard a sad place.

Just yesterday I was noticing the clover all through the grass in the backyard, with not a single bee to be found. When I walked toward the back of my yard to look at all the Queen Anne’s Lace that was growing on the other side of the fence, what do I see bouncing between the flower heads instead of my bee friends? A GIANT BLACK WASP!! I was so creeped out I came inside and closed the door. It was like something out of a horror movie.

So, today I ventured back out there with Steve and the boys (cats). There are tomatoes ripening, and Holy Moly (mole?) chilis almost ready for salsa. Yumm.  I was standing next to a couple dozen tall purple Gladiolus, and WHAT DO I SEE???  YES, IT’S A HONEY BEE! He’s all by himself, but he is there nonetheless. He likes those purple flowers!

I told Steve that I had to share my excitement and post about the lone bee on my blog.  Yesterday I was thinking that if I want any bees, I would probably have to raise them myself.  Still might have to, but it does my heart good to see that there is a bee in my yard today. I probably should have taken his picture. I’ll keep my camera handy in case he or one of his buddies comes back.

It has been a good day.