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Grandmotherhood… Oh My!

My daughter Mona is having a little girl sometime in November. Everyone is excited about it, having thought it would never happen. Her husband has always wanted a child, although I think she just came around to the idea in the last couple years. She’s 39 this year, so maybe she heard that tick tick tick. Do you know that they call any pregnancy over 35 a “geriatric” pregnancy? Sounds like she should be using a walker and soaking her false teeth.

ANYWAY, I just resigned myself to thinking that my only grandchild would be my daughter’s big Black Lab, Nightmare. I was okay with that, as he is one of the sweetest and funniest dogs I’ve ever known.

So, this little baby is coming, and my daughter is simultaneously happy and afraid that she won’t be a good parent, which I think is something every expectant mom wrestles with.  She’ll be a fantastic mom, and I think her baby will be one happy kid.  Mona has always been a “big little kid” with a playful way about her, and I think that should carry over to her child. If your mom is a goofball, you probably will be one, too.  Uh oh, my secret is out!

When Mona had her first sonagram (is that what they are?), she scanned it and sent me a picture, as we are separated by 500 miles. She lives up by Lake Tahoe, and I live in the Willamette Valley in Beautiful Oregon. The sonagram picture showed this tiny little thing with teeny little fingers forming and eyesockets and the skull being quite defined. To be entirely honest, if she  had on a scraggly white wig, she would have looked just like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.  Even though Mona laughed when I told her that, I’ve noticed that I’ve never received another sonagram pic. Perhaps some things I should just keep to myself.  You think??