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Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Dia de los Muertos ATC Swap

Dia de los Muertos ATC Swap

I usually try to avoid being a part of anything that has the word “Artist” tied to it, but I may have found my new favorite endeavor… at least until the next one comes along! So far it’s fun, and I want to do a bunch of them.

Joined Swap-bot and signed up for 3 ATC swaps, so I’d say I’m on my way. They swap all kinds of artsy-fartsy stuff on that site. People make up and organize their own swaps, so there’s all KINDS of different things going on there. If you’re into that stuff, you should check it out.

I was thinking a few weeks ago that I wanted to take a break from making quilts, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to play around with instead. Shrink plastic? Sounds like fun. Papier Mache? Yes, I’ll try some of that. ATCs? YEAH!!

Above is the first of 2 cards that I am making for a Day of the Dead swap. I love this theme, and I’m currently working on a “Dia de los Muertos” quilt for my daughter. Lots of leftover fabrics, so I used some of them to make this. Do you realize how little material was needed for this? MINISCULE!! Plus, I get to play with beads and trims and sequins!

I think I have found a happy home.



Recently I made a quilt for a traveling exhibit “Living Colour” for the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters, called “Joya de la Selva” (Jewel of the Jungle). It’s of a giant leaf hopper that I saw in my friend’s backyard in Quintana Roo, Mexico, near the Belize border.

The entire leaf hopper is beaded. It took forever! Then I sewed vertical lines with some slightly shiny silvery thread that made it look like rain, and then for the raindrops I sewed some clear faceted beads with an AB finish on the leaves and flowers, and along the top of the green vertical inner border. It looked so cool. Sort of like looking into a jungle through an open window.

I didn’t want to send it off, but I did. It will be auctioned off (along with 49 others) to benefit the guild’s operating budget. I hope it makes mucho mulah! It is beautiful.

Leafhopper in Quantana Roo

I am also making a quilt that I designed called “Tea is for the Birds” which I will be entering into their 2008 quilt show in Seattle. This quilt show has previously taken place biennially, but this year will be the first of the now annual event. It’s a great show. I’ve been to many of the large shows: Houston, Pacific International, Road to California, etc. and none can begin to compare with the class act that the APNQ
(Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters) manages to put together for the Northwest to enjoy.

Here is a picture of the quilt I hope to be entering:

Here is a detail of the center block:

It took me forever to piece the backgrounds for the applique and the borders. I must be crazy, because I HATE piecing! I’m trying really hard to embrace it. I’m even taking a class to make a quilt that is entirely pieced. We’ll see how long I last!

From My Heart to Your Hands

Although the name of her company, From My Heart to Your Hands, is a mouthful, Lori Smith is my current favorite applique designer. I hadn’t seen her work until I went to Quilt Market in Portland a few weeks ago. Spent quite a bit of time in her booth, and there was A LOT to look at! She uses the same palette that I’m always drawn to, so maybe it was the familiarity of what I saw that made it so appealing. Needless to say, I bought lots of her patterns while there.

Here is one of her little applique patterns that I’m working on right now.

Lori’s was just one of the many booths I visited, as I was given a task to find applique patterns for the quilt shop that I teach at, Finally Together Quilts in Lebanon, OR. It was SUCH a chore! The owners gave me a big wad of money and let me loose! Fun, fun!

Market was great. My friend Penny flew up from San Jose, and we had a great time. Thought at some point someone would escort us out of the building for causing too much trouble, but we lucked out. I met lots of new people, saw lots of old friends from Santa Cruz, and saw so much neat stuff! It was quite an experience.

Some of the other booths I “discovered” were Sue Spargo’s Folk Art Quilts, The Laundry Basket, and Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop.


My passion is FABRIC and THREADS, BEADS and BUTTONS. I make lots of things with them: quilts, wall hangings, postcards and temari. I love KNITTING, and I especially love knitting SOCKS! There is nothing in the world like a pair of handknit socks. Yes, I suppose I’m easily amused, but then again, I could be watching daytime TV!